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We at Victor Steel Corporation introduce ourselves as one of the oldest steel suppliers in Mumbai.Steel components in any shape, form the backbone of several industries, right from construction projects to offshore drilling and mining equipment. What makes steel special is that it is a material that could be alloyed in different percentages, thus suiting different applications by a slight modification. As one of the leading industrial steel piping materials exporter & suppliers in India, we supply piping of different alloy grades such as stainless steel, alloy steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel to name a few.


We recognized that different industries have requirements that are diverse and hence, the tubes we supply can be customized to meet these set of requirements. For instance, the food and beverage industry require sanitary plates, which is why we recommend using stainless steel grade plates. On the other hand, the petrochemical industry requires sturdy and long lasting, durable material. Therefore, Alloy Steel or Carbon Steel Pipe stock in our warehouse is often used in the petrochemical and natural gas industry. Whereas Inconel sheets find use in gas turbines as well as in the manufacture of jet components.


Round bars manufactured from High Nickel Alloy are applied in those situations where excellent performance in elevated temperature settings along with good resistance to creep are deemed as important characteristics. Lastly, alloys such as Monel and Hastelloy components, including tubes are well suited for use in marine engineering and in corrosive media containing environments. Many stockists, distributors, wholesalers and exporters buy steel plate, sheet, pipes, fittings, flanges and tubing from us for best price in Mumbai.



Our Mission

Our Mission

To persistently modernize, grow and innovatively overhaul our products, and donate On-time conveyance o client

Our Vision

Our Vision

To progress client fulfillment, ended up cost compelling, to execute imaginative strategies for improvement of quality

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Long-Standing Process and Fabricating Connections, Over 25 A long time Involvement as a Dealer & Distributor of IBR Pipe